About epiology™

  • Is EPIOLOGY Skincare safe for long-term, preventative use, day & night‎?
    Yes, EPIOLOGY is clinically proven acne cream created as an entirely new approach to preventing acne. In addition to the anti-bacterial effect of the unique Bio-Protein Complex in EPIOLOGY that prevents the spread of acne causing bacteria, it also actively calms the skin and suppresses redness associated with acne…. giving you a clearer complexion, sooner.
  • Can EPIOLOGY be used under makeup?
    Yes, EPIOLOGY can be used under makeup and is suitable for all skin types
  • Is EPIOLOGY suitable for Men?
    EPIOLOGY is fragrance and colour free. Avoid soap based shaving foams that will aggravate the skin. Instead use the EPIOLOGY Foaming Pre-Wash.
  • What can you expect from EPIOLOGY
    As a NATURAL formulation, EPIOLOGY can be used for as long as needed without causing sensitivity. It will not interact with other medications. It can be used under make up and is suitable for all skin types. 1.Clinically proven to prevent the spread of bacteria that causes acne 2.Prevents redness associated with acne 3.Helps to reduce oily skin 4.Natural and effective 5.Formulated for sensitive skin
  • Is EPIOLOGY safe to use in pregnancy?
    Yes, EPIOLOGY Pre-Wash Cleanser, Cream and Spot Gel are safe to use during pregnancy
  • Can I use EPIOLOGY with prescription medicine for my acne?
    EPIOLOGY Cream is completely safe for use in combination with medicines such as tetracycline or isotretinoin that may be prescribed by a doctor or dermatologist for treatment of acne because the mode of action of EPIOLOGY cream is the same as the protective system that is naturally present in your skin and eyes. EPIOLOGY Advanced Anti-Acne Cream will help to keep your skin hydrated and reduce any dryness or redness that may be associated with the use of isotretinoin. EPIOLOGY Anti-Acne Foaming Pre-Wash and EPIOLOGY cream may help to maintain control of your acne after you have completed a course of antibiotics.

Acne & General Skincare

  • Why is acne most common in teenagers?
    During puberty there is an increase in the amount of oil (sebum) produced in the skin. The skin on the face, neck and back has many hair follicles (pores). These follicles become blocked with oil which provides the environment for the acne bacteria to grow.
  • How is adult acne different to teen acne?
    Hormonal changes are the most common cause of acne, therefore women are more likely to experience adult acne than men. Some women encounter a flare-up of acne just before their period is due to arrive. Adult acne is more likely to be reddish nodules found around the mouth, on the jaw line, and on the chin rather than whiteheads and blackheads scattered all over your forehead, nose, and cheeks — but it’s acne all the same.
  • Are the products for teenagers suitable for adults?
    In general the OTC products that are available are suitable for all ages, however many of them tend to have a drying effect on the skin (because the aim is to reduce the oil) and they also have a harsh effect on sensitive skin. epiology™ is particularly useful for adult skin because it does not have the side-effect of drying the skin and combines a lightly moisturising effect with a proven anti-acne effect. epiology™ is particularly useful for adults because it can prevent “hidden acne” – the acne that is already forming under the skin. Epiology™ prevents hidden spots and prevents them becoming pimples.
  • Are some people more likely to suffer from acne?
    Sensitive skin is more prone to acne, because it is more likely to have a reaction to the presence of bacteria or damage to the skin. It is important to avoid damaging the skin by sun burn, the use of harsh ingredients or by the use of strong exfoliating agents, especially if you have sensitive skin. Damage to the skin is likely to provoke an acne attack a few days later because the skin increases the oil (sebum) production as a protective response.
  • How can you prevent “hot spots” turning into pimples?
    EPIOLOGY Cream is particularly effective against “developing” spots by soothing the redness and preventing the spread of bacteria which leads to a full blown acne.
  • Are products such as skin toners that dry the skin helpful in reducing acne?
    Agents that dry the skin are counter-productive because the skin may increase the production of oil (sebum). A gentle cleanser that removes bacteria and excess oil is best.
  • Are exfoliants useful in reducing acne?
    Many of the OTC acne treatments contain salicylic acid which removes the excess skin that builds up around blocked pores. Other exfoliants have a similar effect and may be useful in clearing out blocked pores. However continual use of such harsh treatments may increase oil (sebum) production and cause redness in sensitive skin. The occasional use of an exfoliant, combined with epiology™ Anti-Acne Foaming Pre-Wash and epiology™ Advanced Anti-Acne Cream is recommended.
  • Is acne caused by dirty skin?
    Unless you are rubbing your face in large quantities of dirt every day, acne is not due to lack of cleanliness. Normal cleansing twice a day is healthy but excessive cleaning is not recommended, in fact, too much scrubbing can dry the skin out and make pimples worse.
  • Should I squeeze my pimples?
    No, stop! As you might expect, popping pimples is a bad idea. You risk your skin taking longer to clear up. In fact, try to keep your hands away from your face as touching your skin all the time can block the pores and may produce flare-ups. Popping pimples can also leave scars.
  • Does chocolate cause pimples?
    Some people believe that eating any sweets is directly responsible for acne breakouts. While experts agree that too much sugar is never a good idea and eating well is part of having healthy skin, many believe the occasional treat will not give you acne.
  • Does sun reduce acne?
    A little sun is good, however too much actually damages the skin and is likely to result in a breakout a couple of days later as the skin reacts by increasing oil (sebum) production. Use sun-screen, but find one that does not block the pores.

Shipping Information

  • How much is the cost of shipping?
    Charges are flat rates of $5 within NZ and $15 for International deliveries. Shipping charges are subject to change at our discretion and will be posted on this site. Large orders may incur a surcharge in addition to the standard rates. We may offer free shipping promotions from time to time. Special conditions may apply to any such promotions.
  • When will I receive my order?
    Delivery times can vary dependent on mail volumes being experienced by NZ Post and affiliated international mail services but are typically 3-5 working days within NZ and 10-15 working days for International deliveries. Please ensure you supply the correct delivery address as we take no responsibility for lost parcels where the address supplied was incomplete or incorrect.
  • When will my order ship?
    Orders placed by 2 PM Monday – Friday will be shipped out of our warehouse the same day. Orders placed after 2PM Monday – Friday will be shipped out of our warehouse the next business day.

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