• My 18 year old son started using your Epiology skincare range for his acne about 2-3 months ago. He was quite down about the acne on his face as it was quite inflamed and red. With him using the three steps of your Epiology range his skin is smoother and clearer and he has less acne. I am so relieved for him and now his 22 year old sister is using the product too and feeling very confident. We love this product because it is quite natural and less harsh on their skin. I now don’t have to worry about my facecloths being bleached like they were from other harsh products. Many many thanks, Sandra.*
    • I started using epiology skin care because I’m on some heavy steroid medication that makes my skin get quite bumpy so I decided to try this product and it honestly worked straight away. I only used the cream and the spot gel but I can honestly say it’s an amazing product. I put the cream on at night as well as the spot gel and I honestly could tell a difference the next morning. It’s such a light product so doesn’t even feel like there is anything on your skin. It has brought back my confidence 100% so thank you so much. Ali, 21yrs. *
    • Hi, I received my goodies from you a few days ago for my 16 yr old son. All I can say is WOW!!! We have tried a lot of different products over the years, poor old Matty's pretty self conscious at the best of times, so acne that came and went but was there more often than not made him really anxious, having acne that's gotten worse as an adult made me understand completely! After seeing your product on Sera Lilly's fb, after a few weeks I thought right, may as well try this as well.... he noticed a difference within hours! He had his school ball last night, a massive pimple reared its ugly head yesterday morning, it was almost gone by the time we took him to get his date. Thank you so much Epiology team, this stuff is the only thing we have tried that truly works, and I have a much happier son. *
    • I just ordered another set for my teen daughter. This product is the ONLY product so far to have helped her skin in the last 2 yrs. we have tried them all. The price is so affordable that you could almost become a sceptic that it will work, because the prices sit around the many products sold in pharmacies and supermarkets. I'm astounded on how well it is working and complements the IPL treatment she is now having to treat acne scars at age 15. Before we started she had moderate to severe acne and scaring, three or four months on she has the odd breakout - yes I'm serious, her acne isn't even considered mild anymore. If you are sick of spending hundreds on products which don't work or irritate the skin, if you are saddened to see your teens confidence and self esteem shattered and if your teens skin is sensitive to the many strong BP products out there and they react to a lot of products, then I urge you to give Epiology a go. Best thing we EVER did. Thanks so much Epiology for great products, that help not hinder and do what they claim. Our only regret is that we didn't discover you earlier. *
    • Epiology is a great product and I love how my skin looks and feels after using it. I have really sensitive skin and I love using epiology because I know it is free of harsh chemicals that could damage my skin. *
    • I've been using Epiology's Complete Skincare pack and wanted to share with you the results. It´s been amazing and believe me I have never tried something as comfortable and suitable like the spot gel. Since mid April I started with the prewash & cream, and a month ago I began the complete routine, including Spot Gel every morning after the cream and every night before going to bed. I have tried everything but nothing has made my skin feel so repaired as I feel it now. *  
    • I suffer from cystic acne and get general acne very badly too. This is the best product! Thank you so much Epiology, I love your products my skin is so much better on them, here is the proof... a product that actually works! This is after one month on Epiology! Compared side by side in exact same area of my back you can see the incredible results! No red puss filed swollen pimples!  I only have scars now with continued use it cleared up all red angry pimples. This has changed my life. I had been on antibiotics for years but got skin changes on my face -  pigmentation marks, so I had to stop and tried other products which peeled and dried my skin, bleached my clothes so nasty. It hurt when I wore my bra. Now my back is comfortable and I'm not embarrassed when I wear low tops. I'm honestly so thrilled with your products. Thank you! *
    • I just wanted to say thank you for your products, which I started using in May this year. As someone who is turning 30 soon, and who has struggled with acne since Intermediate School, I have struggled to find products that actually work for me and don't dry out my skin, making it red and irritated or making it excessively oily. I had been getting deep acne, which was taking 2-3 weeks to heel, and leaving scars. Since I started using epiology, I have not had any acne of this kind, my skin is clearer, smoother, and the redness and oiliness has gone. I have been leaving the house without makeup, which is the highest compliment I can give in terms of the effectiveness of your product. I just wanted to write and say thank you. *
    • I just wished to say thank you very much and I am so pleased I discovered your product 2 months ago. I  have suffered from acne cysts for the best part of my adult life.  I started using your wash and cream about 2 months ago and have noticed a significant reduction in the frequency that my acne comes and also to the scarring that has been left behind as a consequence of them. Thanks, brilliant product that I will recommend to anyone. *    
    • My 13 year old son has been using the Epiology products for his acne for the past 18 months and the results have been amazing. We tried many other products, all to no avail. However, the Epiology products started to show results within a few days of use. Within 2 weeks most of the acne was gone. We'll keep using the products for as long as my son still shows signs of acne. It's the best product for acne that we have used, well done "Epiology"! *
    • Tarren
      I am 16 years old and have used Epiology Anti-Acne Foaming Pre-Wash and Advanced Anti-Acne Cream for the past 6 weeks. I applied these Epiology products morning and night. As you can see by the pictures it has improved my skin significantly. I am going to continue using Epiology as I am pleased with the way this product has decreased the amount of acne and redness and is repairing the skin where acne has previously been. This product is nice to use, is light on your skin and easy to apply. *
    • “I cannot use benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid products, but I loved this stuff. I call it a miracle cream...” *
      Clinical Trial (2012)
    • Karen
      “Hi there, just wanted to let you know that the product is great for my skin. I have a very sensitive skin. I just started yesterday morning, then I woke up this morning all the irritation and itchiness, dryness and redness on my face are reduced by 75%. It doesn't feel tight and warm too! I don't feel itchy...unlike all the products that I have tried. The acne on my chin has reduced in size and it's getting better. My face looks horrible every morning when I wake up. But not today. It looks better. I hope this will continually work for me. I still have small pimple bumps around my forehead and in some parts of my face. I use the pre-wash and the cream. I love the texture and it’s so gentle. It doesn't clog the pores.” *
    • “…I have been impressed with [the] response to the product. I am rather cynical about cosmetics and their claims. But I must say that this is the first product where I can see a noticeable difference. Definitely less redness and swelling. …we are very happy with it, and definitely will be keeping [our daughter] on it.” *
    • “I’m 15 years old and had bad acne on my forehead, around my nose and my chin. I tried Epiology and within 7 days the redness had gone and my skin was looking better. After 2 weeks most of my pimples had vanished, and a month later my skin looks great, and clear of all signs of acne. I used both the wash and cream together and would recommend Epiology for anyone who has an acne problem. It is gentle on the skin but really works.” *
    • Jill
      “This product is the best acne product I have ever used INCLUDING prescriptions oral and topical! This is likely to put every other acne med out of business! All I’ve ever wanted was something that worked! I couldn’t find any products that excluded salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. It was getting frustrating. With this product my skin feels completely normal. It’s smooth as silk and has lost the red, patchy look I used to experience. Acne is humiliating and oddly enough, shameful. It makes a person truly feel to blame for bad skin. You feel inferior to others as a result as well. This frees you from those feelings. I am very thankful for this remarkable product. I’m glad I took a risk!” *