4 Reasons to try Epiology Skincare by Tessa Stockdale

4 Reasons to try Epiology Skincare by Tessa Stockdale

We can talk all day about how great our products are but it’s nice to hear it from a respected independent source!  The link below will take you to a review by Tessa Stockdale in her fashion, lifestyle and travel blog”Refined By”.  Her article is entitled “4 Reasons You Need to Try: EPIOLOGY Skincare”.

Tessa says “If you suffer from problem skin and you want a solution, but you’re opposed to lathering your skin in toxic chemicals – then it’s time you met New Zealand brand, Epiology Skincare. The bioactive enzymes and proteins found in Epiology anti-acne cream are essentially the same active enzymes and proteins that all mammals produce to protect themselves from potentially harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. Meaning you’re using natural-based products that actually work”.  Check it out!



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