Skincare Tips


Choose the right cleanser

Use a gentle soap-free pre-wash/cleanser that does not strip your skins natural protective oils. Your cleanser should be pH balanced, lanolin free and non-irritating.


Be careful with other skin products

There are a lot of makeup, moisturisers and sunscreens that can block pores and irritate the skin, making your acne worse. If you have dry skin make sure you use light products that are oil-free.


Do it right... and stick with it

Sounds obvious but use EPIOLOGY as instructed and be patient. Pimples don’t just pop up, they develop under the skin for days before you see the nasty end result. Treatment should also be consistent. Using EPIOLOGY you will see best results after 7 days continued use morning and night as part of you everyday skincare regime.


Avoid sun damage.

Acne-prone skin can be sensitive to sunlight, so apply a sunscreen, even if you are only spending short periods in the sun.


Always eat a balanced diet

People who eat more raw fruits and vegetables get a healthy tone and color to their skin. The healthier your insides are the better your skin will look.


Stress can make things worse.

Stress could have a negative effect on many skin conditions including acne. Too much stress and excessive perspiration may aggravate acne and its severity.


Shaving with acne

Avoid soap based shaving foams that will aggravate the skin. Try not to shave too closely and don’t cut off your pimples intentionally; this will only inflame the situation. Use light pressure, make only one to two passes over an area and best to use a single or double blade. Use EPIOLOGY Foaming Pre-Wash Cleanser which is fragrance and colour free and suitable for sensitive skin.


Don’t squeeze pimples or scrub your face

Picking, popping, and squeezing can turn a minor breakout into a major problem — a permanent acne scar.

When acne flares, many people scrub their skin clean. Scrubbing your skin tends to worsen acne. The worse acne gets, the greater your chance of seeing permanent scars when the acne clears.