Proven Results

IDP clinical results at a glance

Study compared IDP based cream with premium US based leading brand of anti-acne cream

Statistically equivalent results in terms of prevention of acne lesions

IDP based cream showed over 54% improvement in reduction of redness

IDP based cream passed specific testing for use on subjects with sensitive skin

Results from our 2014 Clinical Study

In this research, four different creams were compared over two trial protocol periods. This was designed to assess their ability to prevent acne on 84 healthy subjects (18-46 years old) with mild to moderate acne.

Percentage of subjects with Improvement in Redness and Irritation



The above is an example of the potent anti-redness effects from an anti-acne cream containing JUST 1% IDP®: It is important to know that epiology’s anti-acne cream actually contains 1.5% IDP®

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