Immune Defense Proteins – what are they and how do they protect your skin?

Immune Defense Proteins – what are they and how do they protect your skin?

Our team often talks about the science behind EPIOLOGY and its patented natural active ingredient IDP®, which stands for immune defense proteins.

But what is IDP® exactly and how does it work on our skin?

Basically, immune defense proteins are produced in nature and act as a natural shield or barrier to fight nasty bugs and diseases that can cause infection. IDP® essentially prevents the spread of the bacteria, calms the skin and prevents redness associated with acne.

How does it work?

Each time you carry out a three-step skincare routine using EPIOLOGY, IDP’s powerful Bio-Protein Complex makes its way into your pores, targeting acne bacteria, working as an antioxidant, and reducing redness and irritation.

IDP® is perfect for your skin because:

  1. It’s natural

The proteins in IDP® are the natural defense proteins isolated from fresh, pasteurised milk, and remain in the same ratios in our products as they do in nature.

  1. It does double the work

IDP® provides two lines of defense on your skin:

  • The first lines of defense are its antioxidant and antimicrobial activity
  • The second line of defense is its skin calming anti-redness activities
  1. It’s clinically proven

Independent trials compared IDP®’s effectiveness with premium US-based leading brands of anti-acne cream. The results showed:

  • IDP® prevents acne lesions (spots)
  • IDP® triggered a 54% reduction in redness
  • IDP® is both effective and non-irritating for those with sensitive skin

It’s very common for skin to become more sensitive when it’s irritated, and that’s one of the main reasons why people with moderate to severe acne will stop using a topical treatment due to the irritation and redness that they start to suffer from prolonged use of these products.

One of the great things about IDP® (and one of the main reasons why people love EPIOLOGY) is that they work with what’s called the innate (acute phase) immune system within your body to help normalise the response to irritation.  In other words? Less irritation.

Immune defense proteins (IDP®) are so powerful, we’re predicting that you will see other products containing this key ingredient on the shelf in the future, such as creams, tablets, lozenges and gums.


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