Dealing with the dreaded breakout!

Dealing with the dreaded breakout!
Worried about a breakout

The dreaded breakout

So you’re approaching an important event that you want to look your best for. You’re feeling a bit stressed and then a few spots start popping up!  What can you do to deal with this dreaded breakout?!?!

We’re all looking for the magic bullet that miraculously makes our spots disappear but the truth is that prevention is usually better than cure.

We’re all individuals and acne comes in a wide range of severities, but there are a few things everyone can do to protect themselves.

1. Eat healthy.

  • Eat lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and unprocessed foods. Sometimes it will take a whole family effort to change your diet.
  • Avoid high glycaemic index (GI) foods – choose Low GI.
  • Try to avoid foods that people have allergies to and see if removing any of these from your diet makes a difference to your skin.
  • Another option is to avoid dairy products, gluten and food colourings.

Try to stick to this plan for two or three months and see what happens.

2. Reduce your stress levels.

OK, so some of us are born worriers and this seems like an impossible goal.

Building self-confidence and generally feeling more comfortable with who we are is a lifetime journey, but it’s never too soon or too late to start.

Spend time on a hobby, sport or leisure activity that you enjoy. Spend time with friends, talk and generally be kind to others.

3. Have a simple daily skincare routine.

Gently cleanse and moisturise once or twice a day.

It’s no good to aggressively scrub and remove all traces of oil from your skin. Your skin needs some oil to maintain health and barrier function, and rubbing and popping pimples can irritate skin and slow the healing process.

The Epiology system is ideal as the foaming cleanser gently removes oil, preventing the spread of bacteria, and the cream moisturises and protects the skin.

4. See your doctor.

Whenever you feel like you’re not winning the fight, go see your family doctor. They really care, have seen it all before and know what options there are to help get you on track.

And if there’s still a spot coming up at the least convenient time……hit it with Epiology Spot Gel Extra Strength for the best chance of stopping it in its tracks!


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