Bacteria and bedsheets

Bacteria and bedsheets

When we talk about our skincare routine and keeping our skin free of harmful bacteria, usually EPIOLOGY’s Pre-Wash Cleanser is top of mind.  Great start!  The fabrics that are in contact with your skin are just as important when it comes to cleanliness. So, we have to ask, when was the last time you washed your bedsheets?

We spend about a third of our day between the sheets.  Over time our beds become the perfect environment for bacteria, dirt and other nasty stuff we don’t want to think about, to build up while we sleep.

Think about your pillowcase.  When you lay down on your pillow at night, you transfer a day’s worth of grime, dirt, dead skin cells and sweat living on your skin to your pillow.  Until you wash it, your pillow case is collecting bacteria and infecting your skin.  The problem will be even worse if you’re not in the habit of washing your face before bed.

In short, your bed can be a pretty filthy place.  Dirty, unwashed bedding will inevitably cause breakouts and skin irritations, so strip your bed and chuck your bedsheets in the washing machine without delay.

It’s recommended that you launder your pillowcase and sheets every week to avoid a build-up of bacteria.  During the week flipping your pillow over definitely won’t hinder your efforts.  Also choose a detergent or powder that’s less likely to irritate your skin.  Ecostore, Ecover, Next Generation and Persil are just some of the options available in New Zealand.

Here are a couple more cleanliness tips:

  1. Use EPIOLOGY’S Pre-Wash Cleanser daily

Wash your hands thoroughly, gently massage EPIOLOGY’s Pre-Wash Cleanser into your skin, then pat your skin dry.  Repeat two to three times each day.

  1. Wash your hands

Regularly wash your hands or use a hand sanitiser. Your hands produce natural oils that you can transfer to your skin when you touch it, and we also touch lots of bacteria loaded things throughout the day – think of EFTPOS machines, handles, keyboards, trolleys… Yuck!

  1. Clean your phone screen

Clean your phone screen with an antibacterial wipe regularly. Putting your phone to your face can transfer dirt or bacteria that’s living on your phone screen straight on to your skin.


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