Treatment of acne scars

Treatment of acne scars
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What can be done about acne scars?

We all hope to get through our teenage years and into adulthood having only a few little annoying pimples that disappear and are forgotten.  For some however, acne can be traumatic and leave us with not only emotional, but also physical scars.

It’s important to know that other people aren’t as critical of our skin imperfections as we might think.  If you have an affected friend or family member or find yourself becoming obsessed with flaws in your skin to a point where it affects your daily life, first seek emotional support or counselling.  It’s OK to ask for help!

If you’re feeling okay within yourself and still want to try to lessen the physical scars left by acne then there are a few procedures that can be considered and are available through cosmetic and appearance medicine clinics.

The goal of these treatments is largely to stimulate collagen (the natural skin plumping compound associated with youthful skin) production and tissue regeneration within the skins structure.



This procedure uses exfoliation processes to help remove outer dead skin cells and encourage collagen production and skin regeneration. This is the least invasive procedure but perhaps also the least likely to have marked effect on scarring.


This procedure uses a roller with numerous very small needles to penetrate the skin. When done in a clinic a topical numbing cream can be applied beforehand for anyone who is nervous about the possible discomfort of this procedure.


This procedure is slightly more targeted than dermarolling and is perhaps useful for larger scars that have a lot of subdermal structure that requires breaking up.  Again topical numbing agents may be used in a clinic.

4.Laser treatment

Anything that can be done with needles can nowadays be done with lasers.  Lasers have advantages in that they provide sterile treatment with low risk of infection but may be more expensive.


In all cases it is a must to find a qualified cosmetic and appearance medicine clinic to discuss treatment options, costs and recovery times before proceeding.  While recovering from these procedures you can soothe and protect your skin with Epiology Advanced Anti-Acne Cream and/or Spot Gel Extra Strength.


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