About Us

About EPIOLOGY Skincare

EPIOLOGY Skincare is an entirely new approach to preventing acne. EPIOLOGY uses an 100% natural New Zealand complex of bioactive enzymes and proteins called IDP® to fight acne, reduce redness and give a clearer and brighter complexion; Faster. Clinical results proved EPIOLOGY out-performed a leading US brand in acne prevention with clearer brighter skin in just six weeks.

IDP® (Immune Defense Proteins) is the patented active ingredient in EPIOLOGY Skincare. The unique Bio-Protein Complex has proven anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the spread of acne causing bacteria. It also actively suppresses acne related redness and calms the skin, giving a clearer complexion, sooner. IDP® can be used in a variety of applications such as foods, supplements, personal care, cosmetics and animal health remedies.

About Quantec

Quantec Limited is a New Zealand-based company specialising in high-value bioactives from natural products, which are backed by solid science.  These bioactives are then developed into proprietary ingredient formulations for use in finished product applications such as human health and animal health. Quantec, discovered and patented IDP® its novel milk fraction, which has proven antibacterial, antioxidant and skin calming properties. Quantec has the proven expertise to commercialise bioactive-based products globally in the human and animal health sectors, either through sub-contracting or joint venture relationships. Quantec is based at the Waikato Innovation Park in Hamilton, New Zealand.